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Introducing Infinity Diamonds


     Have you ever wanted to make a memory with your favorite person last forever? At Diamonds & Gold you now can. Take those flowers you once recieved from your fiancé, that napkin you saved from your first date, or a lock of each other’s hair and create a diamond. We can help you use the Carbon in almost anything to create your very own personal diamond that contains all of those memories and will sparkle forever. Diamonds & Gold now carries Infinity Diamonds- creating personalized fancy diamonds for you.

A diamond found in your heart, and made of love.

     Typically, diamonds are harvested, mined from the depths of the earth. These diamonds are cut and polished in a standardized fashion and sold en masse at your local retail establishment. While no one can deny the beauty of these gems, it’s inaccurate to say they’re personal.

An Infinity Diamond is different.

diamond-ring.jpg     Quite literally, an Infinity Diamond is made of you, your family members, or your beloved. From a simple lock of hair, we gather the carbon required to create a diamond that’s unlike any other: a diamond that encapsulates your memories and your life. A real, permanent symbol of the people you love and the relationships dear to your heart. The most personal and precious gem in the world isn’t found in the ground, it’s the Infinity Diamond you create with the people closest to you.

Your Infinity Diamond is the genuine article.

     Infinity Diamonds are not typical. In fact, they’re so special and intimate that what’s considered “normal” in the marketplace in terms of quality is just not good enough for us. We shatter the paradigm by which ordinary diamonds are measured, and here is how:


infinity-diamond-certification.jpgInfinity Diamonds are certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the world’s foremost authority on diamonds. Not only are Infinity Diamonds identical to those found in the earth, they can be appraised the same way that a natural diamond can.


conflict_free.jpgInfinity Diamonds are environmentally sound, and conflict free. You’ll never have to worry about how the purchase of your Infinity Diamond negatively impacts the social or political conditions in another country. It doesn’t. You’ll never have to wonder if the mining of your diamond has hurt the environment. It hasn’t. When you create an Infinity Diamond, you’re gaining a beautiful heirloom in the most responsible, eco-friendly way possible.