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     You have just inherited you grandmothers Ruby and diamond necklace, you’ve just changed insurance and want to cover your 10 year old engagement ring, or you bought a beautiful tanzanite bracelet on a cruise and want to make sure you can replace it if it disappears. When you find yourself in one of these situations, or others like it, you will require a professional appraisal. 


14.JPG We offer full appraisals on most any jewelry items, from vintage to modern. When you need an appraisal done on your jewelry, come see us at Diamonds & Gold. Know that you are leaving your jewelry with an American Gem Society member who operates at the highest standards of ethics and practices in the jewelry industry. Your appraisal will be done by a GIA Graduate Gemologist, using the most thorough and accurate methods to evaluate your pieces.  



When you leave your jewelry with us for appraisal we will first clean and assess it for any necessary repairs or maintenence, then evaluate and measure the diamonds and gemstones in each piece, and weigh them for precious metal content. We will furnish you with a description and value of your piece to submit to your insurance company. You will have the peace of mind knowing exactly what you have and how to protect it.